Study Setup Summary

As you have learned by reading the previous pages, this study was anonymously organized and funded by Stego Industries. Dr. Cooksey at Clemson University procured production material that was then blindly tested by Mocon. These results were sent back to Dr. Cooksey where she compiled and included them in a report, and then sent them to Stego through their anonymous alias. Stego then created this website to share the results.

The link below takes you to a pdf package. The package contains 3 separate pdf documents. The first is a cover page from Stego Industries that should not be removed if/when it is disseminated. The second is Dr. Cooksey's original report. The third document in the package is a page that compares the study results with the literature results for each product at the time of procurement.

You'll note that there was a second round of testing that was done. This second round was requested because some of the products changed their permeance results for the better (according to their literature) during the study. In order to prevent confusion due to new results, these products were re-procured and tested again. In addition, 3 new products were added to the study at that time.

See the report »
Questions can be emailed to Stego's Director of Engineering, Joe Marks (aka Mike Joseph Smith from the study.)